Losing a job can be a very intense experience. Especially if you have worked there for a long time.

In addition to all the emotions that come with it, there are also many practical aspects.

How do I deal with this change?

How do I find a new job as quickly as possible?

Do I have a good chance of finding a job in the current labour market?

Eva Sasbach at StartvoorWerk will give you the right guidance to help you find a new job!

Personal contact

For a successful journey, the connection is very important. This is why our first consultation is free of charge where we will examine your needs and goals.

This way, you will be able to decide if I am the right person to help you and I can estimate what is needed to help you step by step.

Custom work

We are all different and therefore no outplacement process is the same. Do you want a comparable job as soon as possible or do you want to use  the opportunity to change direction and search for something completely different? Where are you now? Where do you want to go and what is your first  step?

Plan of action

After the first meeting, I will draft a Plan of Action. Only after you have approved the Plan of Action will we start the work.
The process consists of fixed components. Depending on your situation, we will determine how long each component will take (custom work).

The process

The process consists of the following steps:

Self research, Market research, Market outreach, Find a job

Self research

Who am I? What can I do? What do I want to do? What help do I need to get there?

In this component you will research your qualities, skills and your working experience.

Result of this stage

You know what qualities you possess, you can name your successes in your career and you know what job you want.

You also have regained the energy and confidence to make the next step in your career.

Market research

What does the labour market look like for me? Which contacts do I already have within my own network?

How can I expand my network? In this stage you understand what the labour market is looking for and how you fit in.

Result of this stage

You know your network, you have a strong CV and a clear LinkedIn profile. Your profile is in line with what is needed in the labour market. You know which companies are interesting for you to apply to.

Market outreach

Get started finding a job! We will go in search of the job which will suit you best. In order to find this job, we will train together using the video camera and through role playing. Furthermore, you will learn to write excellent cover letters and find those “hidden” unpublished vacancies.

Result of this stage

You will know how to prepare for a network or job interview.

During the job interview, you will be a conversation partner instead of an applicant. You will have a lot of experience with role playing and writing good application letters. You will be confident enough to contact potential employers. In short, you will find a job quickly.

Find a job

When in the meantime, you have found the perfect vacancy that you want

to apply for, we will immediately focus on getting you that job.                                


  • An informal (no-obligation) introductory chat
  • A concrete action plan with clear objectives
  • Support until you find another job
  • Personal conversations lasting approx. 1.5 hours
  • Precise meeting locations to be decided in mutual consultation
  • Practicing network and job interviews via the camera
  • Internet testing including labour market scan, personality testing
  • Possibility to make a personal video presentation